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Håkon & Ilah

We are a Norwegian/Filipina couple that is currently residing in Norway. Håkon from Norway and Ilah from the Philippines met each other in the American church in Oslo, Norway. We married in June 2009. After that, we found a way together in the future.

Ilah which from the very young age started looking for any opportunities wherein she can get into a business. She got engaged in small business such as food and clothing while studying which somehow helped her support daily allowances until she reached University. Taking up BS Marine Biology doesn’t stop her passion for doing business during college days as well. She never gives up instead continue seeking on her goal attaining freedom both financial and time for family.

Håkon was interested in television and movie making when he was young. He took up a course on television, theatre and movie production in 2002. He started a production company together with a business partner, but it was not economically successful and it had to be shut down. He chooses to get up and continue despite downsizing. Therefore, he had to find a normal job while doing some preparation and looking for an investment opportunity.

Both have a thriving interest in Financing literacy, Investing and visit new places to see other cultures in the world. With this in mind, we like to share some of the insight in the matter of investing in different asset classes and living in foreign countries.

Both of us have read several investing and business books, and attend different business seminars.
We have done some international and domestic investments deals in various sizes.
All of this from a capitalist point of view with investing both in online and offline properties.

Both of them have a common goal to build up an international real estate and business investment company. With much desire to enhance their knowledge and experience in the world of investing and business. They have done several business seminar and courses. As well mentor program with Rich Dad Adviser Darren Weeks.

In 2011, they bought their first investment property in Norway.

In 2013, they became a shareholder of a Logistic Academy Company in Germany.

“Now we are looking for new opportunities by taking a BIG LEAP with Journey in Freedom and have an expectation with great result,” says Ilah and Håkon.

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