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Change Your Mindset – Start Your Wealth Journey

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What is your life purpose and goal?
Is it to get a secure good paying job and then collect a pension once you finished your job service?
If so, read no further. I can not help you.

But, if your goal is to be financially free, wealthy and generate residual income. This is the right place to start changing your mindset.

It all laying in the mindset and what you are thought in school and family. It is very few places that are teaching about money and how to become wealthy.
The government doesn’t let us learn about money. Our job in school is to get a Job. Period!

Most people are thought to work hard and get a secure high paying job and told “You`ll never be rich because the rich are evil”

Until you change your mindset, Money will NOT help you!

The moment I pay you, you think like an employee.
On the counter side, Entrepreneurs work for free.
Once you accept the paycheck, your brain goes dead.

Is money important to you?
If you don`t care about money.
Then the money doesn’t care about you!
The principles of making money, become wealthy or generating residual income is not about the right and good intentions, but doing the right principles and actions consistent over time.
So if you do not care about money. you will not succeed in generating the money you need to do the activities you love.
Remember, Money is only a tool to achieve activities and or the stuff you love to do.

Many people think “The rich and wealthy are greedy”,
However, it is the poor people that are greedy!
To be rich or wealthy you have to give value to people.

Greedy people produce nothing. Hence the poor people are not producing any value of significant.

Einstein said: Imagination is more important than knowledge, but knowledge empowers imagination.

Are you thinking:
I can`t afford it. Instead of asking how can I afford it?

Are you being inconsistent?
Playing it safe and don’t introduce new risks.
Most people lack real business knowledge like accounting, debt, and taxes.
This is not thought in schools. In schools, you are thought to not making mistakes. Sadly, generations are afraid of doing mistakes.

The paradox is, You don’t grow if you are afraid to do mistakes.
Rather think about what you have learned by your fails. This is super important.

The main reason the average person is poor is that they have not failed.

They play it safe and have not made any mistakes.
Most parents and friends talk them out of life. And also are afraid of failing themselves.
People asking their relatives and friends once they are intrigued to start something new, or comes over an interesting opportunity. If this new thing is business related or generating money, most of the relatives will advise not to join in this opportunity. Because they have not the knowledge and want to save you from failing.
But failing is how we succeed!

We need to break from the normal mindset and start learning to make mistakes and start listening to people that have experience and knowledge in the field you are planning to enter. And do not consider friends and family that are afraid of failing and do not have the knowledge. Even though they want you the absolute best in life.
The schools are punishing us from making mistakes.
That’s why we have so many people that are afraid of admitting to doing mistakes or afraid of failing.

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