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Is Direct Marketing A Dead End?

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Direct marketing has been around for many years. Before the internet, marketers were buying a number of addresses in a certain area. Then sending out letters with direct marketing ads. That could cost 100 000 dollars. Then they needed to rely heavily on a great copywriting. And hope that someone would like to buy the offer they had. This was the shotgun approach. Today we are using the sniper approach. We send out one single email to 100 000 subscribers and it cost pennies.

Email marketing is today’s direct marketing. It is the most cost-effective marketing you can do. But you need to have subscribers. And how do you start getting subscribers? Today we can literally set up a highly targeted ad for only 5 Dollar. We can be so specific with our targeting on social media. However, it is a catch. you need to know how to use the various ad platforms and be compliant with the platform. For example, Facebook is a great way to advertise. But you need to know how to deploy an ad. What metrics to use and most important your landing site need to be compliant. This can be the biggest problem when you start out to be compliant with Facebook. So, how do you solve this problem? Well, you do not start growing your email list on facebook. But you start to grow your list on a platform called UDIMi. See link below. udimi is a great platform that has helped me start my email business! I do not need to be compliant with Facebook at the start. This, I can do later. On udimi, you have other sellers that have email lists with thousands of subscribers. Then you as an up and coming marketer can go and buy an email ad. This is an amazing platform to start growing your list and business. Here you will find a list with subscribers that are interested in the products you are promoting. Then once you got the subscribers, you can send them daily great content and offers. Like And subscribe for more content like this and let me hear your thoughts on the subject in the comments below!
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