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What type of online business should you start?

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When I was about to start an online business I looked at several alternatives. Buy an existing business, start an e-commerce business, start a content business or selling a downloadable product, starting an email business or perhaps a blog. All this has pros and cons. In my mind when I was starting out I thought I was not good at writing. and that you need to be good in writing for email, blog and downloadable product. Then I was looking at an e-commerce business and purchasing an existing business. This is what I started with. My first ever online business was an e-commerce store that I purchased. The learning curve was fast. I did not know so much on advertising online and resulting from that Facebook blocked my account because I did not know how to do it right. With a blocked facebook account I had zero in revenue. So, I sat there with an e-commerce store I had bought, but no revenue. What should I then do? I figured out I had to learn about Facebook ads and then start a new e-commerce site. Then the problem is to find the right product to sell. So I had to rethink. And I was looking at this email business. I thought it looks very simple but I did not think I was any good at writing. I decided to give it a shot. I started my email business. This is the absolute best thing I have ever done. If it is one online business I would recommend it is email marketing. In e-commerce, you would be lucky if you get 30%profit on your products. In the email marketing business, you could get up to infinite return. However, the majority of the products is around 50% to a whopping 75% commission. which is insane!

I have an amazing email business system that does all the heavy work for you. so you can only focus on simple tasks for your business to be consistent over time. Go and check out this Video!

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